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Outsourcing Advantages

Consider the facts when deciding whether to hire in-house resources or utilizing the talents of an outsourced firm such as Visca for your web related projects.

Benefits and Facts on Outsource When compared with other options, outsourcing to Visca clearly is the attractive way to create and manage websites and online marketing.
Outsourcing Advantages
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From lower project costs to the accessibility of specialized consultants, the advantages of outsourcing are numerous. If you are contemplating whether to use internal employees or the use of outsourced skills, consider the benefits of outsourcing to Visca.

  Visca Internal Employees
Employee Compensation You only pay for what you use, billed in half hour increments. Pay full time wages, including bench time between projects.
Bonuses and Wage Increases Pay in half hour increments with no additional hidden fees, bonuses or costs outside of typical project expenses. Employees expect bonuses and other compensation mechanisms for good performance at least annually.
Hardware and Software Our consultants have the optimal hardware and software tools that are continually updated to help produce the best possible deliverables for our clients. There are significant on-going costs to supplying internal employees with hardware, software licenses, upgrades, technical support, and network infrastructure.
Office Space and Expenses Our consultants are proficient in remote connectivity and communications, thus alleviating the need for expensive office space. Cost per employee for real estate space, furniture, consumables and increased utility costs can multiply quickly.
Training and Education We hire consultants with expert knowledge and encourage ongoing skills development with leading edge technologies and design techniques. Employee training and reference materials are costly and require time which must typically be absorbed by the company.
Holiday and Sick Leave Since only work and consulting time are billable, all other time will not incur a cost by your business. Holiday and sick leave are costly for companies to bank and handle for a large employee base.
Benefits and Insurance There is no need to worry about any such expenses when using Visca. Companies are faced with the ever increasing costs of benefits coverage for their employees.
Payroll and Taxation Visca manages all consultant payroll and taxation so that our clients do not have to. We combine all billable hours, expenses and other charges into a convenient and easy to understand invoice. Handling employee payroll and taxation is often time consuming, resource intensive and difficult. Usually requiring a dedicated person or the assistance of a costly third party service.
Hiring and Severance Visca handles all of the employment matters making sure we always have sufficient skilled professionals to meet the needs of our clients. The process of hiring new employees can be expensive, along with on-going human resource services and possible severance payouts.

Our model of employment brings to our clients experienced professionals that would otherwise be prohibitively expensive to hire. Our competitive hourly rates and project cost estimates are a result of streamlined processes, low overheads and a team of consultants that can efficiently produce deliverables.




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"We are continually amazed by the quality and remarakble knowledge of the team at Visca. Our site has performed amazingly. We would highly recommend them."
Tom Bradly, MaxPC Services
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Outsourcing Advantages
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