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Design Principles

Users will effortlessly navigate the beauty of your Visca designed web property, that was custom built with the values and character of your organization.

Design Principles and Intuitive Usability Websites designed by Visca seduce and entice users to delve deeper, explore and most importantly trust your website and its offerings.
Design Principles
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One of the many things that distinguish Visca from other web studios is its strict adherence to a number of web design principles that enforce the quality of the end-user experience; decrease cost of ownership and improve the reliability of every site we develop. This is a sampling of our many design principles that optimize all the web sites we produce.

Effortless Navigation

Effortless NavigationBring value with every click, and accomplish critical goals within three clicks. We believe effortless navigation is the cornerstone to a successful web site. In addition to captivating designs with alluring page layouts, Visca pursues perfection in the usability of navigational elements such as menus, tabs, drop downs, progress indicators and other mechanisms. Flawless execution of navigation increases all the vital traffic stats your business depends on to ensure optimal conversion performance. How often have you waded layers deep into a site only to become lost? Through foresight and careful evaluation of site content, Visca sites are a rewarding experience for your users each and every time.

Masterfully Crafted Layouts

Masterfully Crafted LayoutsEntice users through the use of powerful call to action wording and emotionally connecting imagery, and wrap it in a clean and contemporary design that speaks directly to your audience. It is not enough to simply present information on your web site. It must be efficiently designed for easy user digestion, intelligible with even a moment's glance. Internet users are notorious for their lack of patience, capture their attention with page design that speaks to that attention span. Careful balancing of on page content elements can mean the difference between cluttered and eclectic, and blissfully elegant.

Intuitive Site Structures

Intuitive Site StructuresPeople navigate and interpret information they see differently, based on their cultural, educational, problem solving skills, visual ineptitude, overall Internet exposure and familiarity with technology. This is why we develop multiple navigation paths to achieve key site functions and preferred traffic paths. These redundancies create alternate methods which will cover a broader range of anticipated ways a user may attempt to accomplish a goal. There are numerous multi-path structure methods we employ to improve web site traffic flow which we take into account when building any web project.

Simplicity and Ingenuity

Simplicity and IngenuityOur site designs are the perfect blend of proven technologies, elegant site structure and beautiful creativity that all come together for a fantastic user experience. Our sites draw users in visually, while the ease of use and strong functionality make for great customer goal attainment. Sparing use of plug-in technologies along with minimal user configuration requirements ensure a uniform presentation of your web site across the broadest possible audience. We use technologies such as Flash to accent and add value where a clear benefit is achievable, rather than depend on and overburden users when it's unnecessary. Each implementation of a technology is carefully weighed based on optimal benefit to user.




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"We are continually amazed by the quality and remarakble knowledge of the team at Visca. Our site has performed amazingly. We would highly recommend them."
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