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Quality Commitment

Our unwavering commitment to quality is evident in everything we do. We think of each client engagement as an opportunity to amaze and impress.

Visca Commitment To Quality The best cuisines must be made of the finest ingredients, so too should a website be made of only the highest quality designs and technologies.
Quality Commitment
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From the pixel level precision of our web site and marketing designs to the incredible reliability and scalability of our applications, there is an uncompromising desire to create the best for our clients. It is our ability to consistently deliver quality that is the basis for the long term partnerships and customers we have.

Investments in Technology

Investments in TechnologyOur continual investments in the latest hardware and software technologies ensure that our deliverables and creativity are never limited by the tools we use to develop them. We utilize state of the art workstation, digital imaging, connectivity and video equipment. Our graphics design tools, programming environments and other software tools are premium quality, industry standard, latest version releases. We ensure that our tools are never a hindrance in bringing our clients the very best. With the best technologies at hand, creativity is allowed to flow - with the end result of artistic brilliance.

Employment Standards

Employment StandardsClearly it is our consultants that are our most important asset. They are what create the great customer service experience we are congratulated on. We place great importance in the job satisfaction of our consultants and accordingly compensate them competitively and offer them the resources, job flexibility and work environment that is above industry standards. In turn our consultants continually strive to make every customer experience the best possible experience they can have. We want each and every one of our consultants to feel they are part of building an extraordinary company, and that they truly have the power to make a difference in everything they do. We hire only premium consultants with the highest level of professionalism, experience, reliability and dedication to our clients.

Generous Warranty

Generous WarrantyWe go to extraordinary lengths to ensure that you receive only the best possible deliverables for your money. Our project requirements gathering methods, process driven development cycle and strict quality assurance equates to a substantially lowered defect and anomaly rate. We stand by our deliverables by offering a 30 day comprehensive warranty covering all defects and labor required to correct any shortcomings or dissatisfaction. We strongly believe that our web sites and advertising creatives are of the highest quality available and we are determined to prove this to you with each and every project.

Standards Compliance

Standards ComplianceWhen your business depends on its web presence, compatibility with the largest possible audience is essential. Whether creating marketing collateral or websites, Visca ensures that all of its deliverables comply with commonly acknowledged industry standards and build practices. We make your web pages render more accurately; your marketing efforts work more seamlessly; and your applications run more dependably, with standards compliance at the heart of it all. Our websites render true and accurately across the broadest spectrum of browsers, versions and end-user configurations to ensure the highest level of compatibility possible.

Non-offshore Consultants

Non-offshore ConsultantsVisca exclusively utilizes the highly skilled North American workforce for its designers and application developers. We feel it is important to provide job opportunities to the many incredibly talented and willing IT professionals available in our very own neighborhoods and cities. In addition to the many advantages of hiring locally, we still maintain highly competitive and often lower overall project costs than our off-shore competition. Trust the accountability, reliability and expert local market knowledge of our North American based contractors.

Privacy and Security

Privacy and SecurityYou can be confident in Visca utilizing the most effective measures to protect any information held on our systems during our work with your company. We exclusively use 24-hour secured premises; the latest virus and internet threat scanning; commercial-grade hardware firewalls; and document shredding. With data access limited strictly to authorized personnel only. Our customer service portal utilizes data encryption certificates to protect your account mockups and concepts. Safeguarding your business's data throughout the duration of it being within our systems is of the most critical importance to Visca.



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"We are continually amazed by the quality and remarakble knowledge of the team at Visca. Our site has performed amazingly. We would highly recommend them."
Tom Bradly, MaxPC Services
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