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Common Questions

If you have questions, we have answers. Each step of the way we're here to educate and inform you - communication is key to the success of any endeavor.

Getting Questions Answered Your questions and concerns are of great importance to us, if we don't have an answer we'll work our magic to get the answers you need.
Common Questions
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Our questions and answers section attempts to resolve questions commonly asked by our customers. We welcome you to contact us by phone or email with any questions or concerns that have not been addressed in this resource.

What is Visca?

Established in November of 1997, Visca is a Toronto, Ontario based team of dedicated web design, development and marketing specialists that have a keen desire to develop a portfolio of web sites and marketing creatives that represent quality, innovative thinking and client success. We take the consulting experience to a more involved level - making the success of our clients, the measure of our own success in delivering the best possible services possible. We are absolutely committed to a consulting experience that redefines outsourcing, and the standards by which it is judged.

What awards and recognition has Visca received?

Visca has enjoyed a tremendously positive response from numerous organizations, companies, publishers and especially users. Over the years our sites have won scores of prestigious web awards from the likes of Yahoo!, Web This Week, Jayde, World Hot,, The Ad Stop and more. Media coverage from publications such as eWeek and The Toronto Sun also sing praise of our sites. And of course the thousands of user compliments that have poured in over the years to the sites we have produced and maintained demonstrate our ability to produce sites that succeed.

What differentiates Visca from other firms?

Sure, you can have a template web site built for under a few hundred dollars. But consider whether it will actually meet the demanding needs of your business in the competitive online world. An inexpensive web site isn't saving you money in the long run if it is the central cause of your lack in revenues. Inexpensive template based sites do not convey the character, qualities or the style of your individual company. It also means that you are not the only one with literally the exact same design of website out on the web.

If you want your company to stand out from the crowd, it needs to be original, creative and reflect the values of your business. Template sites rarely take into account the many nuances of web design that make the difference such as accessibility, search engine optimization, browser compatibility and much more. Template sites also often lack the usability and easy of navigation a custom built site offers. If your company will be depending on its web site as a primary marketing or selling mechanism - it is a wise investment to use a design studio such as Visca to optimize its ability to embrace your online audience and transform browsers into customers.

Who produces the deliverables?

All project work performed for our clients is done exclusively by Visca, no part is offshored or outsourced to external firms and individuals unless otherwise specified under rare circumstances. Typically the representative who you deal with via phone and email will be directly responsible for much of the work performed for your company. This is crucial as that person who has had the most direct exposure to your company will have the best understanding of your company and its requirements.

How does Visca handle billing and payment?

Billing is handled on a case by case basis, but typically involves a percentage advance payment on projects exceeding $1,000.00 USD with the remaining portion paid on completion. Percentage paid in advance is dependant on project duration and the agreement between Visca and the client. Payments can be made by check, money order or major credit card. Companies based in Ontario, Canada are required to pay HST in addition to all quoted amounts. Internationally based companies are exempt from taxes.

Once a project is completed, are there ongoing fees?

Our sites are provided on a perpetual license agreement, meaning there are no ongoing costs to ownership of the produced deliverables. This excludes costs associated with ongoing maintenance, hosting, domain names and any images, videos or other content which was produced by third parties via limited term licensing agreement. Your Visca representative will carefully go through with you the estimated ongoing costs of maintaining and supporting your deliverables.

Are projects completed on time and within budget?

Visca draws upon numerous resources, vast internal skills and knowledge developed from a long history in web design and development. All of this to ensure projects are completed on time and within budget for every project we accept. Project time and cost estimates are carefully considered based on past experiences, the nature of the technologies within the project scope and buffering to protect against negative unforeseen circumstances.

What if projects go over the quoted time estimate?

Projects are priced based on the number of work hours estimated necessary for completion. Before all projects are commenced, a project time estimate is provided to the client outlining the number of hours and cost per hour the project will require. If in the event that the actual number of hours taken to complete the project exceed the estimate, Visca will absorb the cost of the additional hours, not the client. Providing no changes were made to the original service level agreement or project scope during the project. Additional conditions to this may be outlined in project specific proposals.

Is turn around on questions, quotes and proposals timely?

You will be amazed at the prompt turn around time on all communications with our company. Whether requesting a quote, asking a question or having regular communication during projects - we are prompt, responsive, professional and follow up on your satisfaction.

How are clients invoiced for work performed?

Everything is contained within an easy to understand monthly or by project invoice delivered by email. All resource costs, expenses and other variables are clearly itemized to take the guesswork out of your online business costs. There are no administrative fees or minimum monthly contract costs, simply pay for the hours and resources you use - we take care of the rest!

Is there a satisfaction guarantee on deliverables?

We strive to produce work of high client satisfaction. In the event that the client is not completely satisfied with the work produced, we will make a strong attempt to correct any short comings found in our work. We are not happy until our customer is completely happy. All projects are covered by a 30-day limited warranty period covering defects and any inconsistencies with the finalized project specifications.

Will company growth affect quality of work?

Visca maintains a careful balance of exemplary customer service for existing clients, while expanding our client base for essential company growth. We want to build long standing relationships on a foundation of trust, security and value with all of our clients. Which can only be achieved with the continuing quality of our products and services to both current and new clientele.

Do you accept international clients?

We welcome clients from around the globe to use our services including but not limited to the United States of America, Australia, Europe, Japan and China. Projects outside of Canada are done either by an on-site consultant or remotely through conferencing and remote connection systems, by choice of the client. Projects requiring on-site consultants will incur travel, accommodation and limited living expenses in addition to quoted project pricing. Travel and accommodation can be arranged by client or Visca.

Most projects Visca undertakes are with international companies that are not in close geographical proximity to our office. Visca is highly proficient in managing such projects through the effective use of phone, email, instant messaging and other collaborative technologies.

I am interested in getting started, how do I proceed?

We would like to take this opportunity to invite your business to call us and arrange a meeting to evaluate how Visca can assist your business. Our no-cost initial consultation is an informative and valuable meeting that will look into the effectiveness of your existing web efforts or advise you on how to get started with your new web efforts.

We welcome you to contact us with any questions not answered in this section. We would appreciate the opportunity to answer your questions by phone, email or live chat - contact us today!




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"We are continually amazed by the quality and remarakble knowledge of the team at Visca. Our site has performed amazingly. We would highly recommend them."
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