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Referral Program

Professionalism, quality and value are an easy sell. That's why referring potential customers to Visca is so easy and incredibly rewarding.

Profitable Referral Commissions Refer customers to Visca and have confidence that their needs will be met, while enjoying the highly profitable referral commissions.
Referral Program
Experience a new level of unmatched professionalism, quality and support. Schedule a complimentary consultation with Visca today!

By referring new business to us you can be rewarded by as much as 10% of the total initial project value. You can feel confident in knowing that your referrals will receive the utmost attention and quality of deliverables. Speak with a Visca representative for further details on this profitable referral program.

How It Works

How It WorksSimply inform Visca in writing prior to the referral of a potential new customer. Visca will offer a complimentary phone or in-person discovery session to meet and learn more about the needs of your referred customer. We then produce a formal propsal outlining all of the key elements of the project such as deliverables, pricing, timelines and so forth. When the customer has approved the initial project with Visca, you will be informed of the initial project value and estimated commission amount. Upon completion of the project and full payment by the client, Visca will send payment to you by check amounting to the full value of your commission for the project.

Terms and Conditions

This program is open to all Visca clients and partners; an account with Visca is required. Referrals must be new customers with no existing account with Visca. Your intention to refer each new customer to Visca must be declared in writing prior to their referral in order to qualify for commission. A customer referred to Visca which does not elect to use our services in writing within 30 days of the referral does not quality for any commission or compensation. Visca reserves the right to refuse new referrals based on its sole discretion.

Referral commissions are determined by the total amount of the initial project undertaken by Visca Corporation with the newly referred client. This total initial project amount is defined as the total pre-tax consultant billable hour amount in the finalized version of the contract mutually agreed upon between the referred client and Visca. Total amount qualified for commission excludes expenses, licensing fees, taxes and other such costs. Commissions apply exclusively to the initial project only, additional projects and assignments are excluded from commission generation.

In the event the value of the initial project total decreases prior to the completion of the project, the commission rate will be adjusted accordingly to the revised value. If the project value increases due to an increased scope of deliverables within the confines of the initial project, an upward adjustment of commissions generated will be made to cover the additional value. New project phases, and components not directly related to the scope of the initial project scope are excluded from additional commission generation.

Canadian businesses and individuals may require a Harmonized Sales Tax number in order to participate, and all commission values quoted exclude applicable taxes. Allow up to 30 business days from date of full payment by referred customer for processing and delivery of your commission check. If in the event a referred customer does not make payment or the account defaults requiring legal or collections services, the commission rate payable is adjusted to two percent for customers paying in excess of three months and under six months from due date; and zero percent commissions are payable on clients exceeding six months from due date for payment.

Payment of commission is made by check upon full and complete payment by the referred customer of the initial project. Commissions are paid in the currency consistent with the referrer's account. Commission rates are subject to change without prior notice. Please verify the most recent rate by visiting this page or by contacting a Visca representative.




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"We are continually amazed by the quality and remarakble knowledge of the team at Visca. Our site has performed amazingly. We would highly recommend them."
Tom Bradly, MaxPC Services
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