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Website Evaluation

Transform an underperforming site into the powerhouse it was destined to be. Our website evaluations uncover even the smallest details that can make a big impact.

Website Analysis and Evaluation Services Visca analyzes your existing website then formulates the perfect changes to optimize its potential for great success in an easy to understand report.
Website Evaluation
Experience a new level of unmatched professionalism, quality and support. Schedule a complimentary consultation with Visca today!

Visca Website Evaluation analyzes over 100 critical points of your web site and provides a rating, commentary and direct actions to resolve your web site's inefficiencies and transform them into strengths. Our years of usability studies and research are captured and used to provide valuable feedback in easy to understand terminology on the effectiveness of your web site.

By evaluating all the critical factors of a web site's design, structure, infrastructure response time, optimization, compatibility, usability, use of language and effective use of technologies we cover all the potential problem areas that could possibly be hindering your web site from being its best. Sometimes even seemingly small usability problems can cause significant loss in revenue. Studies and research have proven even the slightest adjustment of buttons, icons, menus and text have a profound impact on a user's willingness to make a purchase.

Why obtain a Visca Website Evaluation report?

Websites with consistent or growing traffic but low conversion will find the advice offered in the Visca Website Evaluation report invaluable. By undertaking the recommendations in the report, the increased revenue flows can often recuperate report costs within days; but you can enjoy the overall improvement in revenues well into the future. Generate more customers, revenue and success with the feedback in a Visca Website Evaluation report.

  • Customers find products faster and easier
  • Hassle free shopping cart checkout experiences
  • Intuitive design, site structure and navigation
  • Higher marketing conversion rates
  • Stronger overall customer loyalty
  • Broader compatibility with end user environment

Major categories of the report cover critical topics including...

Design and Layout

Site Structure


Effective Multimedia Use

Search Engine Optimization

Traffic Flow and Blockages

Conversion Analysis

Color Usage

Use of Imagery

Shopping Cart Process

Accessibility Elements

Stylesheet Usage

Buttons and Icons

Interactive Elements

Navigation and Ease of Use

Call To Action

Browser Compatibility

Standards Compliance

Technical Issues

Error Handling

Fonts, Text and Headers

Security and Fraud Prevention

Membership or Account Handling

Brand Awareness

Wording and Language Issues

Click Value

What is included with the Visca Website Evaluation?

  • Report provided in a highly detailed PDF format document for quick and convenient download
  • One hour of phone consultation time with our senior design and usability specialist to answer questions and discuss strategies and action plans.




Client Quotes
"We are continually amazed by the quality and remarakble knowledge of the team at Visca. Our site has performed amazingly. We would highly recommend them."
Tom Bradly, MaxPC Services
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